Cable Cover Tape

manufactured acc. to DIN 54841-5

Standard designs:

  • Material: PE-HD

  • Roll length: see below

  • Surface colour: see below

  • Thickness: see below

  • Labelling: Caution – High-Voltage Cable

Possible designs:

  • Cover width: 50 mm bis 300 mm

  • Length: 25 m to 100 m

  • Thickness: 1 mm bis 7,5 mm

  • Surface colour: red, blau, grün, black

  • Longitudinal locking: mit or ohne (ab 3 mm ohne)

  • Labelling: acc. to customer specifications

Item designationCover width (mm)Thickness (mm)Surface colourMaterial PE-HDUnit (m)Pallet contents (m)
KAB 50*501,0yellowX1009.000
KAB 125*1251,0yellowX503.300
KAB 1501502,0redX501.500
KAB 170*1701,5yellowX502.750
KAB 200*2001,0yellowX501.000
KAB 2002002,0red/yellowX301.000
KAB 2202202,0redX502.400
KAB 300*3001,0yellowX501.000
KAB 300*3001,5yellowX501.650
KAB 3003002,0red/yellowX501.000

* In Anlehnung an die DIN 54841-5